White paper: What utilities are required for Africa’s digital infrastructure needs?

Xalam Analytics, in collaboration with the Africa Data Centres Association (ADCA), publishes the white paper GROWING AFRICA’S DATA CENTER ECOSYSTEM: AN ASSESSMENT OF UTILITY REQUIREMENTS 

In this white paper, are the following chapters:

1: Which mega trends drive demand for data center capacity in Africa?
From demographics to economic diversification to the digital transformation: the demand for capacity is enormous.

2: Assessing Africa’s Data Center Infrastructure requirements
Hosting requirements, real estate, connectivity, power, water: much is needed to facilitate the infrastructure.

3: Modelling Africa’s Data Center Infrastructure needs
To estimate Africa’s capacity requirements, we developed a model covering Africa’s 54 countries and territories. The model considers a handful of key variables, all of which represent some of the core drivers of demand for data center capacity: 

Population and urbanization 
Broadband adoption and quality 
Regulatory frameworks 
Size and Structure of GDP 
Geographic location or latency 

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