Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of the African Actors of Data Center Association (ADCA)
Version: 1.0, 1 July 2018

The ADCA connects the market leading data centers in Africa with the mission to strengthen the economic growth and profiling data centers in society. A good image, reliability and trust are important basic conditions for a professional and successful data center sector. The Africa Data Center Association (ADCA) attaches great importance to enforcement and strengthening the reputation and integrity of its participating companies.
The Participants (both Members and Partners) of the Association therefore endorse the following Code of Conduct:

  1. ADCA Participants conduct their activities on the basis of integrity, openness and honesty with respect for the interests of customers, employees, the industry and society.
  2. ADCA Participants recognize their social and economic responsibility relating to guaranteeing safety and trust.
  3. ADCA Participants recognize their social responsibility with regard to it dealing responsibly with energy use, energy efficiency and sustainable entrepreneurship. The Participants are continuously and actively engaged in promoting efficiency and innovation in their data center(s).
  4. ADCA Participants implement policies for maintaining and continuously improving knowledge and skills of their employees, by facilitating training and, among other things, certifications.
  5. ADCA Participants contribute to safeguarding knowledge and experience in the field by the collaborating with educational institutions.
  6. ADCA Members contribute to the Association Annual Report, by accurately reporting their deployed white space and power capacity.
  7. ADCA Participants deal respectfully with each other’s reasonable interests, without the mutual restrict competition and act in accordance with relevant competition law.
  8. The Association and / or its Board can not be held liable for damage that the participant suffers as a result of participation because of reputational damage or consequential damage. All liability of the Association, for whatever reason, including in any case default and tort, is limited to once the annual actually paid Participant’s contribution.
  9. ADCA Participants make their participation in the ADCA organisation and their conformity to this code of conduct known on their website.
  10. ADCA Participants are customer-oriented and proactive, and only offer services for which they are adequately qualified.
  11. ADCA Participants commit to implement policies to (a) guarantee the availability and continuity of their services and (b) securing the entrusted information against unauthorized access.
  12. ADCA Participants follow and comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations.

(Credit: The ADCA thanks the Dutch Datacenter Association for its input on this Code of Conduct.)