AFRICA Talks #3 – Climate & PUE – How African Data Centers Handle the Heat


In this session, we’ll be discussing data center design for Africa. We know there are certain geographical and meteorological conditions favourable to running data centers, and unfortunately, most of the continent isn’t necessarily blessed with many of those.

However, Africa is vast, diverse, ripe for growth and will be at the forefront of digital growth at a global level in several aspects throughout the next couple of decades. So, there’s no way of skirting around the complex and vital question of how to create data centers that can “handle the heat”. We’re joined by experts with global experience and insight, as well as regional actors building solutions underpinning Africa’s potential.

Africa: a hot market and a hot climate. Here’s the low down

In this presentation based on the Africa Data Centres Association white paper, Olivier Labbé of CapDC, shares insight and data on the the average PUE across African data centers, and places this in context buy drawing comparisons with the global average, and lowest/best PUEs achieved. Other areas uncovered include which factors have the biggest impact on PUE, some technical findings from the survey carried out as part of the white paper research and what to expect over the coming years.