The ADCA is committed to promoting the African data center sector, in Africa and across the world.


This map shows the main datacentres on the African continent. To add your listing, please register on the website or contact us.

Promotion & Events

The ADCA  directs attentions to data centers through regional, national and international media. Furthermore, the ADCA participates in events across the continent; we are present at international exchanges such as DCD Africa, Capacity Africa, Datacloud Africa and numerous other events. 

Participants of the ADCA distinguish themselves by setting the tone for knowledge, quality, safety and by compliance with the ADCA’s Code of Conduct. In doing so, the ADCA plays an important role as a reference point for data centers that want to provide the best service possible to their customers.

Knowledge Sharing

The ADCA organises events for its participants and partners, where interactivity is key.  Topics cover safety, sustainability, legislation and risk management. These events are open to anyone who is affiliated with ADCA and encourage open discussion on how participants can handle current and future challenges.

Additionally,  ADCA offers a knowledge base with information about all kinds of topics. The knowledge base is accessible for both affiliates and the general public. Every year, new publications are created and existing publications are updated. Furthermore, we offer tools to locate data centers (for example, the data center map). In the near future, we will also offer a separate section in which all information on the topic of law and regulation due to its relevance. By combining our knowledge with those of our partners, we are able to provide our participants with relevant insights and resources.


In cooperation with our Partners, we publish reports on the industry in order to inform the public on our industry.