Africa Talks #1: The Ultimate Digital Growth Frontier

What makes Africa the next growth frontier for digital infrastructure?

Africa’s is a young, truly digital native population. Currently at 1.3 Billion the continent’s population will grow to 3 billion in 2050.
It’s a vast and highly fragmented continent that’s learnt, adapted and leapfrogged its way through digital innovations with a culture which, generally speaking, embraces mobile digital technology. This rapid digitisation will continue as more often than not, there are no alternatives to the digital solutions propose; mobile banking being a prime example. Sub-Saharan African economies in represent six of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world too.

Add to these characteristics a need for reduced latency for advanced digital services and new legislation around data sovereignty and you get a very favourable investment opportunity.

Africa, of course, presents some unique challenges along with high opportunity. It’s a vast, diverse continent, highly fragmented in terms resources, infrastructure and current state of digital maturity. Climates vary across the continent but in general this too constitutes a challenge.

In the first talk of a series of 5 talks, we’ll be addressing Digital Africa – the ultimate growth frontier – the opportunities, challenges, requirements and stakes.


What will be discussed in AFRICA TALK #1

As an introduction Paul-Francois Cattier shares what is driving growing needs for digital infrastructure in Africa. He’ll touch upon the opportunities and who is well placed to seize these. We’ll also hear about the Africa Data Centres Association and its mission.

With a broad overview of the current status of digital infrastructure and data centre capacity across the continent, we then dive into existing and future requirements to meet demand with regional experts Guy Zibi and Ayotunde Cocker. In this discussion we address initiatives underway, look at general and more subtle challenges the market presents and also highlight strengths.

Lastly, you’ll be able to listen to a panel discussion. This executive panel brings together a wealth of insight and vision from players directly involved in building and running a digital Africa. We talk about forecasted needs over the next 5-10 years and what it will take to draw investment to fulfil the bold prediction of Africa being the next global digital powerhouse. We’ll look specifically at projects and goals of African companies and public bodies and examine remaining gaps and opportunities with insight into how to address these through aligning business and technology.


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